DailyCandy (a selection of work)
ready, set, fete: cookie party – editorial/art direction, concept development, production
a delicious weekend at wandawega
pasta 101 with chef michael white
julie’s kitchen
night market fare at mott st.
four cookbooks destined for the coffee table
five quick salads from abc kitchen
julie’s kitchen printshop
toronto’s best food, boutiques, bars, and sights
dailycandy goes to detroit
currently coveting: my favorite things
pen + palate printshop
see more at 

The New York Times
in panama, a haven for ex-pats

Gourmet Live
great grandma

Travel + Leisure
six dishes: chicago
best pizza in chicago

Plate Magazine
vegetables are the new steak
holy mother: is it vinegar’s time in the spotlight?
hopped up: two chefs take on the hoppin john
the sweet rise of asia: asian desserts are (finally) given a good name
vegetable charcuterie
five minutes with hans rockenwagner
savoring salatim

how not to roast
how to treat your knives
how to make the most of your leftovers

moroccan eggplant

Tasting Table
brunch in the outdoors
chicago’s best iced coffee

love letter: nopi
after-hours science experiments: barchef, toronto
learning to sit still in sonoma
take me back to camp: wandawega
chicago, one neighborhood at a time
chicago: how to eat like a local

Good Company
uncover your roots: roasted carrot and avocado salad (p. 32)

Collective Quarterly
edouardo garcia, culinary boyscout

The Black Card Magazine

One Part Plant
asian-style greens with miso
herb + radish salad
spring quinoa bowl

matcha goes gourmet
airplane food, reimagined

Huffington Post
best of chicago shopping 2012

Chicago Social
road trip to michigan


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